Leagues: Bowling Leagues have survived every economic cycle and are still thriving today. Every Monday through Friday morning we welcome seniors from around the area for fun and exercise. Our Sunday through Friday Night Leagues feature young and old adults looking for a social night out as well as fuel for that competitive spark.
On Friday afternoons we feature our Futures. Our Junior League is comprised of children between the ages of 6 – 15. It is here where we develop our future candlepin bowler whether for recreation or other. Respecting our teammates, our opponents, and practicing the game of candlepin with hand eye coordination are all emphasized. Throw in T-shirts, pizza parties, and trophies and why wouldn’t you want to get involved.

Saturdays have always been reserved for families and the general public. Whether you’re an early bird riser and want to bowl our special and beat the crowds or a late owl looking to kick it up a notch with Xtreme Bowling featuring flashing lights and music, Saturdays at Ryan Family Amusements has something for all members of the family.

Enjoy our Snack Bar: Finger food favorites such as Chicken fingers, French fries (plain or seasoned), Mozzarella sticks, Popcorn, and more are offered weeknights and weekends after 3:00pm. We also proudly serve beer and wine during these same hours.

Parking: Parking has never been a problem at our Charles Street location. We have our own private lot!

Ryan Family Amusements is equipped with complete automatic scoring Sit back, relax, and enjoy your company as our system will score, reset, and tell you when it’s your turn. Stop by the counter when you’re done and we’ll print out the scores for bragging rights. We also have the ability to run your league scores, averages, and team points for any new organization looking to start something more formal.
Ryan Family Amusements Has something for everyone. If you’re already a customer, we sincerely thank you for your patronage. If you’re new to the area or just didn’t think bowling is for you, stop by!! We guarantee you’ll enjoy the experience.


  • Our Specialty - Birthday Parties
  • Candlepin Bowling with Automatic Scoring
  • Every Lane Can Be A Bumper Lane
  • Family Arcade Room
  • Extreme Bowling with Lights & Music every Saturday Night
  • Adult and Seniors
  • Weekend Specials
  • Now serving beer, wine & appetizers
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